Oak Tree Cottage Soaps

Oak Tree Cottage Soaps

Our goat's milk soaps are natural and handmade using milk from Hazel and Willow is the simple eco-friendly approach we use when making our soaps. We use organically grown herbs from our small-holding and local ingredients such as the honey from bees which live the other side of the hedge in our lane! All of our soaps are vegetarian (sounds odd, but check the ingredients on commercial soaps...) and are tested on us humans, not animals. We don't add synthetic fragrances and where our soaps have a scent this will be due to the naturally occurring fragrance of the ingredients, or from carefully selected organic essential oils. All of our soaps have environmentally friendly wrapping, which can be composted, recycled or re-used. We don't add any artifical colouring and all of our soaps have a sustainable olive oil base, we do not use palm oil in anything we do as we believe that the deforestation of countries such as Indonesia should stop and the natural habitats of the orangutan should be protected.

Goat's milk and lavender soap

Goats Milk and Lavender

Hazel and Willow with soap

Goats with soap

We only make small batches of soap and sell locally through craft or farmers markets and online at our Etsy store Oak Tree Cottage Soaps. We always have a selection available here at Oak Tree Cottage if you are passing by. Our goats Hazel and Willow live in the meadow outside our back door and have a cozy barn for bed-time. We milk every morning and they eat the finest organic goat's food and munch the wild flowers and bushes around our small-holding. Our most recent development has been the introduction of shampoo bars, which we have created for all of the lovely people who kept asking us and much to Hazel and Willows disgust we sometimes make a vegan friendly soap using our organically grown cucumbers and borage oil!

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